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Should I rekey or replace my locks?

Frequently, we get the above questions from customers who are contemplating whether to rekey or replace their locks.

The answer depends on the current situation.

At 7Mondays Locksmith, we understand that optimizing the security of your home and office location should be your topmost priority, so the answer to such questions are not given directly – we’d like to get more information from the customer before providing an expert suggests that will be the solution to the problem. 

However, if you want a specialized rekey in Atlanta, or you want to change your locks to a resilient and extra strong key made in Atlanta, you are assured to get top most services by calling locksmiths from 7Mondays Locksmith and be surprised about the quality of services we will render. 

Remember, key duplication in Atlanta is different from rekeying Key copy because, in duplication, more copies of the same keys are produced but in rekeying Key copy, new keys are provided that will be used to open same doors – thereby rendering the older keys useless.

Rekeying your business or home depends largely on your budget and other key factors. Nevertheless, we recommend that you go ahead to call locksmiths from 7Mondays Locksmith for rekeying in Atlanta if you are experiencing the following:

Malfunctioning locks that make you feel unsecured.

Rekeying is a cheaper way of rendering the old keys useless because the pins inside the locks will be changed so that the old keys will no longer be used to access the door. This may happen when you want to rekey your entire building because it was purchased new. It is more economical to rekey your entire house after the ownership has been changed because you may never know who had access to the house in the past.

So rekeying a newly purchased house is a very important thing to do but if you want to change the entire locks, then you need to use keys made in Atlanta.

Key Duplication in Atlanta, GA

Rekey when the keys are lost

You need your entire house to be rekeyed when the lost old keys are lost. Yes, a locksmith may help you gain access to the house but your security has been compromised and you need to do a rekey in Atlanta and not key duplication. 

Losing our keys is rather a rampant occurrence because we are always busy and may often lose concentration. So you need to take back the control of your house by doing a rekey.

Rekey when the locks are difficult to open

Rekeying your house is recommended when the locks are old and hard to open. This can happen because the locks are not lubricated or that the internal pins of the lock are weak. Therefore restore the security of your and integrity by calling locksmiths from 7Mondays Locksmith for a perfect rekey

Rekey if the manager or employee refuses to return the keys

A manager who feels bad after a sack may refuse to return your keys. The smartest thing to do in such situation is to rekey the entire office apartment because you don’t know what his intentions may be.

Also, after a divorce, you need the entire house to be rekeyed to totally restrict your former partner access to your house. Call our locksmiths whenever you think your security has been compromised, our services are also extended to the following locations: Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Mableton, Powder Springs, Woodstock and all nearby cities.

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